Ban the Sale of Fruit Bats in Indonesia!

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Ban the Sale of Fruit Bats in Indonesia!In Indonesia, fruit bats are sold by street vendors because some believe consuming them will cure asthma. But the species is suffering.

Fruit bat populations in Indonesia are suffering. And still, they are trapped, caged and sold by vendors in order to satisfy a myth that consuming them cures asthma. Speak out to ban the sale of fruit bats in Indonesia.

Bats pollinate numerous species of trees, including some of the most important local fruits like durian, bananas, dates, figs and mangoes. The loss of this animal would be tragic for the region.

Nine species of fruit bats are designated threatened under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, and these species may be affected by the trade.

The best thing to be done is to ban the sale of fruit bats altogether. Please sign the petition today!

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